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Oh what a difference a year makes! Well, to be more precise, 14 months and change… But I digress. This past year has been an exhilarating one for me. I have been very busy on just about every front I could be.

  • My son has moved on from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting, and I am in the process of getting leadership training so that I can help to facilitate his transition into the awkward teen years.
  • I got engaged over the Christmas holiday, to my best friend, the woman whom I have dated for the past two years, who is the absolute love of my life.
  • I have gone from helping support the OPASS Orlando chapter of PASS to working with the SCSUG here in Brevard County, FL.
  • Last but not least, I have gone from working with one of the biggest healthcare providers in Central Florida to a Federal Government contractor providing health care to our country’s finest in Iraq, Afganistan, Africa, and here at home.

Part of my professional transition that I am feeling most excited about is going from working with some of the most out-spoken and prolific SQL Server professionals back in ’07, to working on a very qualified (some 20+ certifications among the team) team spanning the realms of data, storage, and system administration, to flying totally solo.

I have to admit, it is a little humbling when you walk into a shop, coming from years of working on teams with several other folks -some of the best in the business – in the same arena as you, all by your lonesome and sit down to get to work. The place I am at now has had very bad luck with DBAs. So much so, I found myself apologizing to the hiring manager during the interview because DBAs had given them such a horrible experience. I vowed right then and there to turn that impression around. To make their impression of what we do one of adulation, and appreciation. It hasn’t been easy. To say that they have had bad luck is really being somewhat modest. When I sat down to tackle this environment and reign in the rampant security violations and the configuration horrors, I realized a large part of the reason that they had such a hard time. It looked to me like nothing had ever been done to tame the data beast! Nothing!

Enter everything I have learned over the last six to seven years of being a DBA. Everything.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the skills I have been taught by my mentors. I have had to rely on every single ounce of knowledge I have gained, not only from the people I have worked with, but also the people who write amazing blogs, like Jonathan Kehayias, Grant Fritchey, Thomas LaRock, or Ola Hallengren. The ones who pen articles for SQL Server Pro, for Simple-Talk, or for SQL Server Central. The ones who write SQL Server books like “SQL Server 2008 Internals”, “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives” (Vols. 1 and 2), or “Pro SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services” (by some very dear friends of mine). These folks have all had a serious impact in my career, and for that I am eternally grateful.

So, to get back to the title, “I’ve Missed You…” – I have. And I will be looking forward to blogging my experiences with SQL and the characters that I come across in my adventures.