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I was looking for a topic to write my next blog post on, when I read Thomas LaRock’s (t|b|g+) post about helping the #SQLFamily give even more. Where should I begin?

The #SQLFamily to me, is what the Oracle (no pun intended) was to Neo in the Matrix. It is what Albus Dumbledore was to Harry Potter. It is… well, it is family.

I have run into the SQL brick wall, and summoned #sqlhelp – at seemingly all hours of the day or night – and there has been a response, a quick (witted at times), accurate response. I have visited AskSQLServerCentral to peruse the veritable KB of Q & A for ideas to add to my solutions. I have browsed the SQL forums and articles at and and have found answers to some of the most obscure SQL Server questions and issues.

I have received a wealth of knowledge from the abundance of resources the SQL community has provided, and as many others before me, I have felt the desire to pay it forward. I have volunteered for PASS, ramping up for the annual PASS Summit in Seattle; I have volunteered for some of the various SQL Saturdays that have been held across Florida; I have answered some questions on Ask SQL Server Central, and I started this blog post – all in an effort to try and give back whatever I can to the community that has given so much.

I am rather fortunate to have met a number of the people that I interact with via the “interwebz”. Each and every one of the folks that I have met have been as authentic, and genuine as I could have imagined. Our conversations have been welcoming and informative, and I have gained friends in the process. I have shared thoughts, ideas, and barley with a lot of the folks, and the memories are true treasures.

The #SQLFamily to me, is priceless.


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  1. #SQLFamily is really nice !! But your explanation is making it more trustworthy!!

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